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Thread: Salt and Sanctuary (PC, PS4, PSV)

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    Salt and Sanctuary (PC, PS4, PSV)

    This is coming March 15 on PlayStation platforms, and it's 10% off if you preorder. It will follow on PC at an unannounced date.

  2. I'm in. Been looking forward to this, Hyper Drift Runner, and No Man's Sky this year.
    Boo, Hiss.

  3. I like a game that announces it's release a week in advance. Anticipation is nice, but it works so much better when it's not six months out.

  4. I don't like how there's little or no hit stun or hit effects. It seems like your character is hitting enemies with a rolled-up newspaper; doesn't look like the game feels good.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by A Robot Bit Me View Post
    I don't like how there's little or no hit stun or hit effects. It seems like your character is hitting enemies with a rolled-up newspaper; doesn't look like the game feels good.
    Looks like a glorified flash game with paper models.

  6. Boo, Hiss.

  7. Quote Originally Posted by icarusfall View Post
    That type of game is fine! I just don't like it.

  8. Nothing about this looks good to me.

  9. After reading this described as a 2D Dark Souls, I took the plunge.

    So far, that's what this game is. I never played Ska's other games so I can't compare it, but they were clearly inspired by From. In some cases, S&S feels like a ripoff, but it seems more homage than theft.

    You've got a similar starting screen for physical attributes and class (I chose a Chef, because I could - she beats on foes with a long-handled iron skillet and throws potatoes), similar controls, and a similar minimal introduction. Enemies drop Salt and gold instead of blood, which you can re-collect if you die. Early on, you choose a religion to follow and then find a Sanctuary (read: bonfire) that you respawn at when you die. You can level up and add new skills using a branching web.

    There's a platforming aspect since you can jump. You've got a stamina meter that works just like Dark Souls, and you can block and roll, the latter based on your equipped weight. Combat is tough but satisfying, and I'm finding stuff everywhere, including areas and items I can't get to yet - apparently there's a Castlevania element too. There's a co-op function I haven't tried yet.

    The color palette's a bit drab early on, and most of the human characters have slightly oversized heads; in fact, the character and enemy design is on the cartoony side, but there's a darkness about it, and plenty of variety.

    In short, S&S is as advertised so far: a 2D Dark Souls, in gameplay, design, and most importantly, in feel. It may be a ripoff, but it's a very well-done one, and the 2D perspective and jumping keep it from being too familiar. I'm impressed.

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  10. Is no one else playing this? It keeps getting better. I got an item that reverses gravity in selected places, allowing me to walk on the ceiling. From what I've seen elsewhere in the environment, there's got to be a double-jump and/or wall-jump element at some point. There are secret rooms as well, and it's got the intertwining world design and unlockable shortcuts From excels at. Metroidvania+Souls is a perfect description.

    It's so cool to be able to populate your sanctuaries with different combinations of NPCs, and take over sanctuaries to fit your chosen religion, although I do wish there was a way to switch them around once you assign the max number.

    The bosses are on the easy side so far - I've killed six and half went down on my first try, and one of them was an optional one I ended up finding via the exit of its lair - but the combat is still a lot of fun. The game's got the constant "let me see what's in the next room" draw that ends up turning into vanished hours.

    Satoshi Kon: 1963-2010


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