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Thread: What Are You Playing? (Spring, 2016)

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    What Are You Playing? (Spring, 2016)

    Hitman (PC) - The way Io is releasing content for this really sells the concept of episodic games. I'm not done with the original package yet, and more is already dropping. The next full level is due next month as well. If they can keep the momentum, I'll be very glad I got in early. As advertised, the game is a nice balance of Absolution and Blood Money. If dosing someone's drink with rat poison and then drowning them in the toilet when they are vomiting isn't appealing to you, I just don't know what's wrong with you.

    Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2 (PC) - I haven't given this one the attention it likely deserves yet just due to time, but it's not grabbing me like the first one did. I don't like the single player stuff very much, and I am making myself trod through that first, which might be the problem. I feel like there might be too many classes to keep balanced, and early indications are that the rose is the beneficiary of that imbalance currently.

  2. Fatal Frame 1 (PS3): Bought all 3 FFs from flash sale on PSN, looking forward to running away from ghosts like a little girl.

    Xenoblade Chronicles X (WiiU): Still working through this game
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    Going to start y's 2 sometime today. Finished 1 last night.

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    Somewhere, Grave's butthole just twinged.

  5. Playing The Division(PS4) with friends coop and some dark zone nastiness.

    Still working on Codename S.T.E.A.M. as my portable game.

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    Playing The Division(PS4) with friends coop and some dark zone nastiness.
    I messed around in the DZ at like level 15. Just hit level 30 last night, so it's time to really become an asshole in there.

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    I just hit 30 hours on Pokemon Blue. Holy crap is this game a time sink, it doesn't seem like I've been playing that long. I think I'm almost done though, I'm just trying to beat the game, not get 100% completion.

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    I'm at the second boss in ys2. This is pretty cool. It must have been mind blowing in 89.

    It's also striking just how much nier borrows from ys 1 and 2.

  9. You should talk about it in the Ys thread! Also by second one do you mean the guy who jumps around, and you can only damage him when he's landing or just taking off? It's interesting how much emphasis is put on the fire magic in the second game.
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  10. Hey MechDeus... it's time to start grinding again.

    Anyone looking for a great MMORPG for PC should check out Blade and Soul. You can jump in and play for free if you want to check it out. The combat is in real time, kind of similar to TERA. A lot of the design is done by Hyung-Tae Kim.
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