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Thread: Trackmania Turbo (PC, Xbone, PS4)

  1. Trackmania Turbo (PC, Xbone, PS4)

    The new Trackmania hits today. No more split-release with individual environments, this is a full game with four new environments, and they're pretty spectacular. It's also bring the series to consoles that matter for the first time.

    Much will be made of the Ubisoft and console conceits. It uses UPlay, the UI (including level editor) is controller-centric (radial menus and the like), and it doesn't seem to be as mod-friendly out of the box. But it's the same great Trackmania gameplay, and the environments seem really fun and lean toward the series most extreme (a la Stadium).

    Oh and Oculus Rift support if you're looking for a fun bulimia aid.

  2. I've read some people complaining that this is mostly 40 second time trials. True?

  3. Quote Originally Posted by Some Stupid Japanese Name View Post
    I've read some people complaining that this is mostly 40 second time trials. True?
    In the sense that Super Meat Boy is mostly 30 second platform gauntlets, yes.

    That's kind of what Trackmania is. Short, super hard stunt tracks. They played with some other modes in Nations (I rather miss the fun one that gave you limited "lives"), but they haven't been seen since.
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  4. It's a new Trackmania, and as good and frequently swear-inducing as you'd expect.

    For a short, glorious time I was ranked 65 in the world. It was nice while it lasted.

  5. Played the beta on both PS4/One, didn't see too much of a difference so everybody is a winner there.

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    Or at least tied for second place as the first loser.

  7. Under normal circumstances I'd agree, but Trackmania has never been big into super high end shit. It always looks good, but nothing astronomical.

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    Yeah, and you could also make a case UPlay has less impact on console.

  9. It sure does! You don't have to fuck with it if you don't want to. Kind of required to launch on PC.

  10. I've been given the impression that the PC version has crap for resolution options and the Uplay features are intrusive. I think all three versions are a tie this time out.


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