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Thread: Oculus DK2, I don't need it

  1. Oculus DK2, I don't need it

    I am too lazy/have no experience and don't care to sell this on eBay, so naturally I was wondering if someone would like to buy this to make money off an eBay sale.

    I think you can get considerably more than 200, so the deal is, you sell it and keep the profit. If it doesn't sell, then just send it back to me. It's barely been used.

    If you have something cool to trade, I might be interested

  2. Dude, I'll list it on eBay for you. We live in the same city, no?

  3. Yeah we do.

  4. You know DK2 works with CV1 stuff right now, right? Not that you'd want to keep it if you're getting CV1, but I'd at least be playing with it for a couple weeks.

  5. Too late.


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