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Thread: MLB 2016 Season Thread

  1. MLB 2016 Season Thread

    Jays start the season 1-0. Excellent Smithers.

    I feel very good about this team, but there is so much talent in the AL East it scares the shit out of me.

  2. I'm a little excited for the Brewers today. No idea if they will be any good. Sooooo many new and young players during the massive rebuild. The division is absolutely brutal so I'm expecting a 60 win season. But I'm hoping for some .500 ball at least and have some excitement. There's a couple young guys I think may end up being something. We shall see.

    Good luck to the rest of you guys. I know some of you are fans of some serious contenders.
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    Cespedes signing approval rating -1

  4. 2-0. This trend can continue.

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    Now we know why Yost didn't want to talk about "getting revenge" on Syndergaard.

  6. Well tonight was some bullshit

  7. Thor is awesome. Just a nice, tidy game all around by the Mets.

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    I'm still letting the phrase "95 mph slider" sink in.

  9. 2 straight blown saves. I hate early season lost games, especially in division.

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    There's one excuse for when the Cubs don't win the World Series.


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