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Thread: North Texas hail pounded my home and vehicles.

  1. That is insane. Here in LA i went to Target last year to buy an umbrella and they didn't even have them.

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    That's amazing and terrifying.
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  3. This happened in Texas? Just shoot the hail out of the air.

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    Climate change isn't real though.

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    If global warming were real then it wouldn't be giant balls of ice. Duh.

  7. That is some gnarly shit.

    Oklahoma hail storm a few years back. About 1:45 is the most intense. The pool looks like it's boiling.

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  8. We had some vicious hail a few weeks ago. Not as large, but it smashed out windows and roofs across town.
    Boo, Hiss.

  9. Quote Originally Posted by Type Ryan View Post

    Oklahoma hail storm a few years back. About 1:45 is the most intense. The pool looks like it's boiling.
    That is what it was like going through the hailstorm we had on Monday. You could barely hear each other talk when the storm was at its most intense moment.

    I went into town yesterday to pick up some wood and parts to repair my fence. This is some of the stuff that I'd seen while out and about.

    The worst part of the storm was near downtown Wylie. This building is just about 3/4 of a mile south of the old town. It was pretty much ripped to shreds by the wind (I heard it reached near 100 MPH) and hail.

    This crumpled heap of sheet metal was in the parking lot of Walgreens, just a block north of that ripped apart building.

    There's the building that the sheet metal was ripped off of. The front half of the building's roof was completely tore off and thrown a block south, landing in the Walgreens parking lot.

    The black spots on this old house (on the North side of old downtown Wylie) are holes that were created by the baseball size hail. The hail went right through the roof, as well.

    This is a spot in my attic, where a large ball of hail tried to break through the roof. I believe it might have ripped through, if not for it hitting right next to that support.

    This is a chunk of that board, that fell into the attic from that impact spot.

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  10. Damn.
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