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Thread: North Texas hail pounded my home and vehicles.

  1. That is nuts, if there's any shred of a brightside to this at least it wasn't followed by a tornado.

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  3. State Farm was prompt with the settlement for my mother-in-laws totaled 2008 Chrysler Seabring. They gave us $6900 for it; that's about $1300 more than I was expecting.

  4. Maybe the rep just wanted to 69 your mom.

  5. My dead mother-in-law? I know where he can dig through some shrubs, if he's into running cremation ashes all over his junk.

    We inherited the car after she passed away.
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  6. The roofers have finally started working on replacing the roof of our house.

    The new AC unit will be installed tomorrow.

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    Have you been living under a tarp for three months?
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  8. Quote Originally Posted by Dunlap View Post
    Have you been living under a tarp for three months?
    We still had a roof over our heads. We've just been going through a long list of BS with the contractor and the insurance company. The insurance company finally agreed to replace the decking on the North side of our house.

  9. I have been in an 11 month insurance battle. I feel your pain.

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