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Thread: Microsoft: Xbox 360 consoles discontinued.

  1. Microsoft: Xbox 360 consoles discontinued.

    After more than 10 years, MS's Xbox division head Phil Spencer said that once the remaining Xbox 360 console stock is gone, that's it. At least the 360 will still be supported for awhile and still have its Xbox Live, for now.


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  2. So maybe I should buy another one for when mine takes a shit? I have a lot of XBLA games I still like to go back and play every now and again.

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    Probably wouldn't hurt. If new ones go on clearance cheap enough I'll probably grab one or two in case my current one ever dies.

  4. I've never bought an Xbox 360. Which one should I buy that won't shit the bed?
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  5. Really anything after the slim should be fine.

    It also might not hurt to see how the One keeps adding more BC. Refurbs have been going for $230 with three games.

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    Yeah BK just get a slim. Also, I prefer the 4gb models since they have a matte finish and it's easy enough to add a hard drive.

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    later larger hard drive "S" models were also matte, until they went to the "E" series and stupidly went back to partial shine.

  8. I just hope they keep the servers up (at least for DRM stuff) for a long time. Which, with BC and everything, they probably will.

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    SSJN, what would you say is a fair price for an average condition slim with a power cord and nothing else? I have a bud that has a pile of them and is trying to figure out how to price them, but I think he wants too much considering they aren't in perfect shape and are missing accessories.

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    I know where he can get $50 shipped.


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