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Thread: 2016 NFL Season

  1. 2016 NFL Season

    Like I said in my earlier post yea I do think he's not the sort of guy you sign when you have a starter you want to stick with. First sign of trouble and people start talking. And now because it is CK you have ESPN talking heads asking why isn't he starting yet.

    Pete Carroll said as much but everyone assumed he was lying. It is a dynamic you see in the NFL. Again go back to Vick.

    Colin's politics obviously factor in somewhat - he probably would be a Dolphin now if he didn't eulogize Miami Public Enemy No 1. But that's how it goes.
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  2. Yeah I get what you're saying but Pete would also be the first to tell you that competition is good and you play the best. Wilson got the job over a guy they just paid pretty big bucks to wind up playing a total of zero games. And yes if Kaepernick were a world beater, he'd probably be playing now. But he'd still be better than most QBs that will make a roster and there are a lot of those who exist because you have to have at least two to begin with. If his asking price is low, you take it. But yeah Miami is a bit of a special case. This isn't all about Miami though, look at all the offseason QB transactions every year, high profile and not.
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