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Thread: 2016 NFL Season

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    2016 NFL Season

    The schedules have been released, the draft is over, and the preseason is creeping up on us, so it's time for a new thread. There's no better way to kick one off than with a good analytics article!

  2. I like the Josh Norman picture to start the article.

    Spending that kind of money on a corner who is 29 and has a season and a half of elite play is totally a smart idea.

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    I guess guys who were handed rings by their coach and system like guys who were handed rings by their defense.

    At least with Eli we only suspect you could plug a trained chimp in and still win. With Montana it was proven.

    It's odd to me that in the most team oriented sport there is we have the individuals most overrated and underrated by their team's performance.
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  4. I think he just said it because like a good SF man he hates Dallas.

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    He probably wanted to play there, but they needed a QB who could throw it more than 20 yards, because they don't run that candy ass offense.

    I am impressed with the most recently departed regime out there though. They finally found a QB who can't even look good in the West Coast offense.

  6. I wouldn't call what they were running the West Coast Offense. It was just a generic offense.

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    I should have said "couldn't," because you're right.

  8. 2016 NFL Season

    I've had the misfortune of watching tons of Giants games the past few years and one truth has emerged. Eli Manning sucks ass at quarterback. The way the Giants are building around him now is just bizarre. Even if he was the greatest QB he is on the downside of his career.

  9. I would suggest that Eli Manning is the luckiest QB who ever lived. That might be why Montana picked him if it wasn't the Anti-Dallas sentiment. Romo on the other hand seems to be snake bitten and can't catch a break unless it's his collar bone.


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