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Thread: Battlefield 1

  1. Battlefield 1

    DICE is going to reveal the new Battlefield today at 1pm PST.

    rumors that it will be set in either World War 1 or between Battlefield 4 and Battlefield 2142.
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  2. Seems to be going the WW1 way.

  3. #3
    Did they let Don Mattrick choose the title?

  4. Nice cape.

  5. look here, upon a sig graveyard.

  6. Glad Dice went this route as much as I want a 2142 sequel. I'm interested in what they do with the campaign with this one. Visceral for the single player?

  7. Do people still want old ass shit anymore? Have we come full circle and gotten burnt out by COD4 and later games (which at the time was a HUGE breath of fresh air from every god damn WWII game)?

    Also, EA is great with titles. We have had two NFS: Most Wanteds and the newest NFS is the same name as the first one that's 20 iterations old or so (unless you count the "Road & Track Presents:" part)

  8. To be fair there has never been a game called Battlefield or Battlefield 1. I agree it's a bit confusing and I would rather they had not chosen to do it, but at least its not like the Xbox.

    Also a WW1 game is not going to be the same as a WW2 game. If it is then they are doing it wrong and treating the source material with a lack of respect and deserve to fail.

  9. Rad.
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  10. I get the name - chronologically it's the first one - but it's dumb. What's wrong with Battlefield 1914?


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