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Thread: Strike Harbinger (AC) by HitSparks Games, coming 2017.

  1. Strike Harbinger (AC) by HitSparks Games, coming 2017.

    Former Sega game designer Chris Tang is working with his studio HitSparks Games on a new Space Harrier inspired indie, Strike Harbinger. From the first stage it looks similar enough, except there's an Alis style female character doing the flying around and shooting. The checkerboard background is used in the first stage, only now with some great RLR effects (reflections of trees and sunlight, etc) on the ground.

    A special aim stick, sword attacks, and Slam Boost parrying are planned. The graphics look alright but could get even better- it's at 5-10% into development, and Chris wants to put the graphics up to par with other current arcade releases.

    It's not coming until 2017 and it looks like there are only 3 stages done at the moment. So far, so good.

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    For a second I thought Steel Harbinger (that cheesy Playstation game) was back. I'm interested in anything resembling Space Harrier although this doesn't quite look like it has the same charm so far.

  3. Looks fun. Good for them.

  4. This looks kinda fun!
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