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Thread: Dreamworks/Netflix Voltron

  1. Dreamworks/Netflix Voltron

    Fuck yeah, childhood.

  2. Voltron: Deviantart Edition!

  3. I'm down.

  4. That looks about as good as you could ask for a new Voltron. If I was 8, I'd watch it.

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    Couldn't be any worse than that last reboot

    also, it is going ot be hard to go back to this old combiner stile after things like GaoGaiGar and Gurren Lagann

  6. Looks super sweet. I'll never get around to it myself, but I'm stoked for the kids that get to watch this.

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    Why would they care?

  8. I told Lily I used to watch Voltron. She was excited for it.

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    Dreamworks/Netflix Voltron

    This looks way better than our Voltron.

    The Korra crew is behind it.
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  10. I saw something about them being involved but didn't care enough about that group to check. I expect this to be about their usual fare except I'll watch it all the way through this time because nostalgia.


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