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Thread: Official Racing Game Thread

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    Official Racing Game Thread

    This genre seems similar to sports in that there isn't enough general interest to carry individual game threads but yet there are people interested who don't want to dig through system threads to discuss the games.

    The F2P PC Forza 6: Apex came out a few days ago, and, unlike Quantum Break, isn't completely broken. I have way too much to play to get too deep into it right now, but I want to give it a fair shake this summer. I never played any of the other Forza games. I would have played Horizon, but it came out after I had sold my 360. Has anyone else had a chance to check it out?

    Come to think of it, I've been neglecting this genre pretty badly. I waited and waited for the PS+ DriveClub and then played it for like ten minutes once it finally dropped. I need to get back on the wagon with one of these games. It'll probably wind up being Hot Pursuit...

  2. This is another genre that has left me behind.
    I don't care a fig about tuning cars, driving all over a boring open world, or even worse- driving a car with boring "realistic" physics.
    Give me an arcade racer like Sega Rally, NFS 3, Rage Racer, or Project Gotham. Cool tracks and a high sense of speed. That's all I ask.
    But I suppose that shit doesn't sell anymore. Split Second was the last racing game I sorta got into, but even that only saw a couple hours of play.

  3. You'd like Horizon 2 then. I hit a few buttons to make the Sanford and Son truck into an S Ranked monster and drove it like a bat out of hell against nerds in minmaxed McLarens

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    Yeah, I'm just like SSJN, which is why Horizon interests me. I don't like the loops and similar nonsense in Trackmania either.

    I feel like I may be able to salvage this genre, as opposed to, say, fighting games, which have been all down hill for me since air blocking.

  5. Joust has crappy taste in most genres, but he is spot on with racing games.

  6. The Forza Horizon games are amazing. FH2 is my favorite racer since PGR4.

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    If anyone needs me I'll be chillin at the Outrun SP cab.

  8. Quote Originally Posted by kingoffighters View Post
    Joust has crappy taste in most genres, but he is spot on with racing games.

  9. FH2 has a lot of neat non racing modes too.

  10. I can't get into most racing games. OutRun 2, the two Sonic kart racers, and Burnout Paradise are about the only racers from last gen I enjoy playing.
    There are a few games in development that have piqued my interest, though. I enjoyed the alpha release of DriftStage, and 90's arcade racer looks cool.


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