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Thread: Official Racing Game Thread

  1. I love how FH3 doesn't get its own thread but it's the best game in the building.

  2. Make the thread, jackoff.

  3. #23

    I forgot this thread existed. If any overachieving moderator wants to combine the new Need for Speed thread into this one, it would probably be good.

  4. Project Cars could be the best videogame ever but I'll never know because the name is prohibitively dumb. And I once played a videogame called Bravely Default.

  5. It's in the running for the Western category of worst game title. Globally, that list is dominated by Japanese shit

  6. No posts on Wipeout Omega Collection yet? I have it and I like it quite a bit so far.

  7. Yeah I got this. It is awesome in 4K. I do believe Zone Mode is still the best and that Fast RMX (which I also bought) is better as a main game...

  8. What ever happened to 90's Arcade Racer?
    Or Driftstage, for that matter.

  9. Nicalis happened to 90sAR

  10. I just checked the 90s Arcade Racer kickstarter.

    November 2013. What the fuck.

    Sega and Namco churned out like 3 of these shits a year in the 1990s.


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