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Thread: The Real Deal or a Scam? Working Design early sample game.

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    Mega Drive The Real Deal or a Scam? Working Design early sample game.

    I was really interested in this until I saw it was a CDR and why would Working Designs send out an unfinished game. The letter looks legit, and a prototype seems highly desired to me.

  2. It's very possible it's legit.
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  3. I'll sell you a CDR for half that price.

  4. I will throw in a 10-pack for free.

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    Protip: Companies don't include complete cases and manuals with prototype copies.

  6. They could've just gotten a case to keep it in or maybe WD sent them the case to keep it in. That case is pristine. For the price Popful Mail goes for it might be worth it just for that.

  7. Also the stuff mentioned in the letter is some weird effort to go through to sell Popful Mail on a CDR with a case that looks like it's been handled with baby gloves, unless there's a barely less than complete version floating around that some weirdos would rather play.

  8. Track down Kelly Knight and ask her if that is something they did.

    I'm not up on the vagaries of mid-90s game publishing but shipping a CDR in a complete retail package is weird.

    And $150 for a beta version of a game that regularly goes for twice that is very curious.
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    This looks like fucking nonsense. Nice way to sell a case for $150 though, all you need is an ISO, a CD-R, and a Sharpie marker.
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