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Thread: The VR thread

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    I hope they're compensating you well for your PR.

  2. Yeah, fuck clarifications and properly informed statements!

    Ok, Mario, youíve had fun here, now letís get serious.

    I want to clarify some of the inaccuracies about our relationship with Oculus. Oculus did approach us with an offer to help fund the completion of Serious Sam VR: The Last Hope in exchange for launching first on the Oculus Store and keeping it time-limited exclusive. Their offer was to help us accelerate development of our game, with the expectation that it would eventually support all PC VR platforms. We looked at the offer and decided it wasnít right for our team. At no time did Oculus ask for, or did we discuss total exclusivity or buyout of support from Vive. We look forward to supporting Rift and Vive.

  3. There's an Ars Technica interview that just went up with more details. Much as I like my Rift, Oculus is wrong to be dividing the market like this. Making a freebie like Lucky's Tale Rift Exclusive? Fine by me, Oculus paid for it to show off the system. Locking out a $50 game like The Climb? That's a really bad plan on their part. This isn't Genesis/SNES, where serious coding and physical hardware kept the systems separate. There's no difference between Vive and Rift that makes this necessary, and enforcing the exclusivity on people who paid money for the game makes Oculus a collection of assholes.

    As for Oculus' role in the tech battle, Iribe at first minimized it by simply noting that Oculus' frequent platform updates might "inadvertently break a hack." When pressed, he added that such updates are the company's way of "protecting developers' content and protecting the platform."
    The platform is VR. I'm very tempted to sell my Rift and go Vive at this point, because people who think and act on statements like that are going to do very stupid things in the future.

    Just to clarify, I've actually got no problem with timed exclusivity. Once a customer has spent money on a product they should be able to use it, though, and that doesn't mean the customer is restricted to the tools the distributor requires.
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  4. That's some horseshit from Oculus. I think TNL has effectively steered me towards buying a PSVR. No preorders available anywhere, though. Sony's site says more will be doled out this summer. We'll see.

    Quote Originally Posted by kingoffighters View Post
    Just wait a year or two and let the market shakes itself out. By then, there will be a library of good games and new experiences that are worthy. It is still early IMO.
    So I might be doing this, like it or not.
    Quote Originally Posted by C.S. Lewis
    Of all tyrannies, a tyranny sincerely exercised for the good of its victims may be the most oppressive. It would be better to live under robber barons than under omnipotent moral busybodies. The robber baron's cruelty may sometimes sleep, his cupidity may at some point be satiated; but those who torment us for our own good will torment us without end for they do so with the approval of their own conscience.

  5. Do you have a PS4 now? Might want to wait for news on the Neo refresh.

  6. I think PSVR is the safest bet for first gen VR. It's proprietary and locked to a closed platform, but at least it will be well supported and probably cheaper than the rest. An open VR platform on PC will eventually be the way to go.

  7. Quote Originally Posted by Yoshi View Post
    I hope they're compensating you well for your PR.
    I think Oculus is making a huge mistake in not supporting Vive on Oculus Home, to be clear.

    I understand not wanting hack-support that doesn't fully support their feature set or all available games. I also understand the absolute need for exclusives on their storefront in order to make it relevant in light of Steam's total dominance. I don't really think either of these things are a problem by themselves, or at least they wouldn't be if Oculus and Valve would cooperate to get official Vive support in the SDK. That's their real sin here, and it's a pretty big one. They will pay for it.

  8. Zuckerberg just want to protect his ROI.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kingoffighters View Post
    Zuckerberg just want to protect his ROI.
    Everyone claims that there is no influence there, but there was a distinct change in tone from Oculus that was awfully interestingly timed with regard to that awful acquisition.

    edit: Now it could just be money inflating egos and no string pulling.
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  10. Quote Originally Posted by kingoffighters View Post
    Zuckerberg just want to protect his ROI.
    By turning away customers and engendering bad will with the early adopter community? Good luck, Zucks.

    It's just boneheadedness. It's not greed or business or anything else but just being dumb and not getting how the world works.
    Quote Originally Posted by Yoshi View Post
    edit: Now it could just be money inflating egos and no string pulling.
    I don't really know who makes these sorts of high level decisions. I get the impression that it is no longer Palmer Luckey, who has become uncharacteristically silent since things started going in this direction. He left Reddit, and has gotten very quiet on Twitter.

    Clearly someone who doesn't really understand the PC gaming landscape is making these calls here. My guess is that they see hardware, while not directly profitable, as crucial to the strength of their brand. I think that's foolish, the platform is the the thing, not hardware. They need to put everything into making Home a great experience for as many VR users as possible, so people actually want to go there and buy things, even when they don't have to. It's the only way to succeed in the end.
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