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Thread: The VR thread

  1. Tracking should be better due to the faster camera, at least.

  2. Quote Originally Posted by Darmonde View Post
    Is PSVR still using the exact same move controllers from the PS3 era? Nothing different at all?
    Well the camera is different, so that's going to have a big effect on the quality of the tracking.

    It's possible other improvements to tracking could happen by updating the firmware (IMU frequency, for example), but I don't actually know if this is possible with Move or not.

  3. Ok, the faster camera sounds like it could help. I think I'll go to BB to see if I can try it out, was planning on going to get very slightly cheaper Steam credit anyway.
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  4. I have a Rift... what are you some games to demonstrate VR that are available on steam or the oculus store?

    I have:

    Project Cars
    EVE: Valkyrie
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  5. Give Diff a review of Project Cars because I am too lazy to play it lately

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    I'd like one too, since it's on sale.

  7. Ok, so I played the PSVR demo. So impressions from someone who has logged quite a few hours in VR:

    Ergonomics: Fantastic. It's comfortable, well balanced, feels light and it's easy to get on. Sony's industrial design really shines, here. The lack of integrated headphones seems to be the only major downside here, as it really is kind of a pain to situate headphones once you already have it on.

    Image: So on the one hand, the lower resolution is very immediately obvious, especially in menus and looking at text. But despite this, there's less appearance of sub-pixels and "screen door" or "linen" effect. Pixels are clean, sharp, squares, which might be good or bad depending on how you look at it. There are no "god ray" glare artifacts like Rift or Vive, since this doesn't use fresnel lenses. The FOV feels slightly lower than the Rift, but it also depends on the lens adjustment, which feels further from my eyes on the closest setting.

    Tracking: The headset tracking seemed to work fine for the seated experience demos I played. I could lean all around it tracked me well enough that I didn't notice any issues. The tracking of the Dual Shock controller, however, was noticeably laggy. Having the controller tracked and appear in game was a really nice touch, but it fell short of giving me real hand presence because it wasn't that fast or accurate. Hopefully the Move is better, but there were no Move demos available. This is definitely going to be a seated/standing 180 degree experience, don't expect room scale.

    Performance: So, like the Rift, PSVR is using something similar to ATW to mask lower framerates in rotational movement, so turning your head and looking around is very smooth. I could spot some lowish framerates in positional movement, especially in Battlezone, but it isn't terribly immersion breaking. Running a Rift on a sub-spec machine, I've seen this sort of thing before, and it handles comparably. Graphics in games looked pretty impressive. It's doing a lot, all considered.

    Games: They had three proper game demos, and a couple "experiences." I only played one proper game (since I already own EVE: Valkyrie) and that was Battlezone. It was really fun. The giant cockpit gave a good sense of place, but the action was fast and intense without making me dizzy. I'm definitely going to pick this game up.

    Overall very good. Rift/Vive owners probably don't have a lot to be jealous of, other than the library of games, perhaps, but it doesn't feel like a second-class experience. It's very good for what it is.

  8. I "have" Project Cars... in my steam library. I don't have it installed.
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  9. Quote Originally Posted by sedition View Post
    I have a Rift... what are you some games to demonstrate VR that are available on steam or the oculus store?
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  10. Got to give the PSVR a go after about an hour and a half wait. Having no VR experience, I was pretty impressed with VR in general but I didn't come away feeling I need the PSVR. Not getting to spend more the 7 minutes didn't help, and I hope to have a little more hands on time with it at some point. I was able to forgot with the headset a little bit, but it never was able to sit flush ok my face. If I looked down my nose, I could see a little bit of the floor, and the edges of my vision were blurry, while the center looked pretty good. There was a PS notification that kept Poppins my up but it was so blurry I couldn't make it out a bit. I'm going to choke that up to it being a demo unit that had been adjusted hundreds of times that day and trying to get it to fit right while also having headphones on over it. Overall though, I am really excited for VR and want to see how it works on Scorpio.


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