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Thread: The VR thread

  1. Oh shit, Gunheart is out already. Early Access anyway.

    I've gotta finish some games before I can jump in, but I'm eager to hear impressions if anyone else is getting it.

  2. Quote Originally Posted by YellerDog View Post
    I got a couple of the little cardboard goggles from a trade show, so what's the state of smartphone VR these days? Any standout titles? No way in fuck I'm spending $400+ bucks on a wired headset in 2017, so what's good in the barebones world?
    It's stupid. Don't waste your time.

  3. Is google daydream any better?

  4. I don't think so

  5. Quote Originally Posted by kedawa View Post
    Is google daydream any better?
    As a relative measure? Yes. The latency is vastly improved, there are better apps, and a controller, and those things make a big difference.

    But without positional tracking VR isn't really VR. And as much as I enjoyed the early months of Rift, without true 1:1 motion controllers you aren't getting the full experience either.

    I really think it's a shame how mobile VR, just by virtue of being cheap and accessible, has come to obscure what VR really is in the public eye. When you bring up VR most people will talk about some bad experience they had with a shitty 360 video or a roller coaster app on GearVR that made them puke, and they'll shrug off VR as not ready yet.

    Which doesn't mean there's no fun to be had with it, but I really wish the messaging was clearer about how different mobile VR and good home VR are.
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  6. Yep. That's one thing I've definitely noticed over almost a year of throwing these VR parties. Most people have gone from zero experience to many saying they've tried GearVR or the like. And their minds are still blown when they realize they can walk around and use their hands. It's not even close.

    I've been thinking about hookin' up ReVive with Robo Recall.

    I should also try Superhot.

    Rec Room is fantastic. I have a hard time convincing my friends to try out the online stuff. The sense of other people being in the room really stunned me at first. (though my first experience really was in Big Screen, where people are kinda chillin', and not teleporting all around)
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  7. Quote Originally Posted by YellerDog View Post
    I got a couple of the little cardboard goggles from a trade show, so what's the state of smartphone VR these days? Any standout titles? No way in fuck I'm spending $400+ bucks on a wired headset in 2017, so what's good in the barebones world?
    I think a lot of you guys are overly negative about mobile VR stuff. If you're fucking with Gear VR, the experience is definitely comparable to PC VR. It's only 60FPS, but you're talking about a resolution that's pretty similar to the Vive and Rift. Yes, it doesn't have positional tracking but you don't need positional tracking for every kind of experience. What use is positional tracking watching a 360 video? For instance. The cost of a Gear VR or Daydream is maginal so it's a no-brainer if you already have a capable phone. Also you can't negate that it's friggin portable! Gameboy isn't a SNES but you can take it wherever you go. Ton of value in that.

    You have to understand, most people's interest in VR isn't with games. Superhot and Robo Recall are cool and all but that's just a justification for paying $500+ for the hardware. Most people could care less about that kind of experience.

    Gear VR's superior to Daydream just because it still has additional hardware to sample your head movement at like 1000hz. Daydream's superior to cardboard because the phones supported by it have additional criteria for leaving you in a non-queasy state. Cardboard is a bit useless, I've experienced nothing but instant motion sickness dealing with it. It's a combination of fine-tuning for high framerates and I'm guessing the lenses, that make an experience hit or miss.

    Ultrawings is on Gear VR, I haven't even played it but I can't wait to check it out. It lacks proper hand tracking but since you're in a cockpit I figure positional tracking ain't that big of a deal.

    Oculus and HTC are supposed to be releasing $200-ish standalone mobile VR headsets next year, possibly with some form of inside-out tracking similar to Microsoft's HMDs so they'll have some kinda positional tracking. You can wait for that stuff if you're on the edge.

    Quote Originally Posted by Tain View Post
    Cross-posting here, but I'm getting ready to release the Horizon Vanguard demo (next month, a bit later than I hoped lol), and I'm wondering if anybody would be willing to give it a shot before public release (via Steam) and give me some feedback on it. Oculus or Vive. If so, post and I'll PM you some keys when I have them ready.
    I just noticed you talking about the demo! I've been interested in checking it out. Just downloaded it, will let you know what I think.


    I've got more spam about my project, Raybeem!

    I did a lot of shows over the past month and have newfound confidence for seeing people's reactions to it. I've sort of put all my eggs in one basket with this project so it's been hard to remain committed to it. A lot of people really have no idea and don't see any point in a VR music visualizer. So far, "seeing is believing".

    Last I posted I was working hard on getting the default theme ready for a big show I was exhibiting in. Since then, I moved focus to the additional themes. I'm planning to ship with 3 - the default "blue" theme with 8 color palette options, the "highway" theme, and a "firedancer" theme where you're in a desert spinning fire poi under the moon. An early version of the Firedancing one has been a hit with the burner/raver crowd at shows I've had so I've made it a point to get it in for launch.

    Here's a video of what the "Highway" theme is looking like:

    I should be launching by the end of September for $15. You can find it on Steam at: . Please wishlist it, even if you don't plan on buying it! Haha! Need all the help I can get. A demo is available at: , let me know if it runs on your machine!

  8. Just got notification that Raybeem is out. Congratulations!

  9. Quote Originally Posted by James View Post
    Just got notification that Raybeem is out. Congratulations!
    Thanks a mil for caring James! Still appreciate that article you wrote. The first and only bit of press so far! Haha. Half of the battle is getting the work done, the other half is promoting it. I've got a show this Saturday at Upload LA in Los Angeles so the grassroots is where it's at for now.

    As stated, Raybeem's out! Here's the launch trailer. My homegirl put this trailer together and I'm really proud of how it came out.

    Available on Steam:

    Now that it's out, I'm planning to get my life back together and take a break from it. haha. Outside of fixing some critical glaring issues. If anybody's got feedback, I'm all ears. I figure the Steam discussion group is the best place for that kinda feedback.

    @Tain, still haven't dived into the Horizon Vanguard demo yet but I watched some vids. Looks pretty awesome, you really nailed that old school aesthetic. One of my dream projects in VR is to do some kinda Virtua Cop/Time Crisis clone with lofi graphics. I'm gonna still be working on Raybeem in the immediate future and I'm a bit burned out on VR dev. Might do a straightforward 2D game to refresh myself.

  10. That's awesome man!
    Quote Originally Posted by Razor Ramon View Post
    I don't even the rage I mean )#@($@IU_+FJ$(U#()IRFK)_#
    Quote Originally Posted by Some Stupid Japanese Name View Post
    I'm sure whatever Yeller wrote is fascinating!


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