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Thread: The VR thread

  1. Index is not quite as great as I had hoped, but it does look like it'll be the new headset to beat and if I will probably pick it up when my finances are stable.

    The price is more than I expected, especially for the controllers and base stations. I was expecting the whole thing to be around $800 like the Vive was at launch, but $1000 puts it almost into the "prosumer" bracket.

    Resolution is slightly disappointing, given that cheaper headsets like the Reverb are outpacing it, but it's RGB so that hopefully helps SDE.

    FOV seems like it could be the headset's biggest differentiator. It does probably offset most of the resolution gains, but I think it will make a big difference with immersion.

    The higher refresh rate is interesting, but I hope there's the option to manually set it, because I worry it's too high of a performance target.

  2. Quote Originally Posted by Frogacuda View Post
    The higher refresh rate is interesting, but I hope there's the option to manually set it, because I worry it's too high of a performance target.
    I'm reading this bit from the tech sheet as the display itself supporting these rates:

    ...Which is really good. This might be the only PC headset that will give you a PSVR level of smoothness in 60hz-based games like Rez and ZoE 2, lol.

  3. Yeah, the price of the Index puts it firmly into "wait for a price drop" for me. My Rift still get the job done, and while I'm interested in an upgrade there are other bills to pay. Plus I'd want to replace my GTX 980 first, which doesn't put a VR upgrade any closer on the calendar.

  4. Norm from Tested posted some pretty good impressions. He basically concluded that it's "What the Vive Pro should have been," and while it's a substantial upgrade and probably the best headset on the market, it is not a Gen 2. He also seemed less than impressed with the new controller, calling them a big step up over the old wands, but maybe not over Touch. He said high refresh was legit though and made everything feel more immediate.

    Perhaps most surprising, Valve doesn't seem to have any specific plans for that expansion port on the front. It's just there to add some modability for add on displays or sensors, but there's nothing Valve is planning to release.

  5. So no smell-o-vision module? Bogus.

  6. I just want some freakin' wicked amazing games to play. What's this "flagship" 2019 title gonna be, Valve?

    I really like that you can order the new Index controllers and use them with the Vive still and they make that very upfront and apparent.

    Also the Quest actually looks like it'll be real cool for slipping on and off and being acceptably 6DOF and way less cords and setup to deal with, but since I bought most of the games I'd wanna play on Steam once already...
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  7. Quest's use of cross-buy is a pretty strong play for the Oculus store, I have to say. I don't reallty have much loyalty to one storefront or the other, but it makes me glad for the stuff I did buy on the Oculus store.

    ReVive or OpenXR support for the Oculus store is going to be a factor in whether or not I get Index. We'll see how the next couple months look.

  8. I'm loyal to not being tied to a store. I have no desire to jump into another walled garden for VR.

  9. Quest impressions after a few hours: it's good

    The roomscale setup process takes literal seconds. The way it prompts you to do it, does it through passthrough video, and gives you the option of just putting a no-nonsense "stationary" circle around you if you don't want to trace the room makes it a breeze. The tracking is pretty good, and I have yet to notice any issues unless I'm really reaching behind myself (like, way beyond what Robo Recall and SPT ask you to do). Performance stutters happen in official hardware, sadly, but it's nothing PC users will be unfamiliar with.

    Visually, the dashboard and most games have super crisp UIs and the screen is great for them (I've never used the Go for more than 5 minutes but I understand this is the same deal), and games like Robo Recall are pretty surprisingly nice-looking.

    Was real happy that I was able to get a little hovercar UE4 project I made for Daydream a while ago up and running on this with extremely minimal tweaking.

  10. Thanks for the impressions!


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