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Thread: The VR thread

  1. Trover Saves the Universe is getting some pretty impressive reviews. It's coming to PC now, as well, and has support for non-VR players, even. Susprising, but I think this approach is good when it makes sense. Brings in people and resources for cash starved VR devs.

  2. So after some hemming and hawing and selling of existing headsets, I wound up with both a Rift S and an Index.

    The Rift S, which I got last week, is awesome because having no trackers is beautiful (I can throw it and my laptop in a backpack and bug people at the day job to try my game and give feedback, lol), the slight resolution bump and better lenses lead to a surprisingly cleaner overall image, and the room setup process is basically as breezy as on Quest. I can't notice the refresh rate drop, but I can definitely notice the welcome lack of god rings. It's very easy for me to suggest this headset for PC gamers that haven't gotten into VR yet and don't want to spend tons. The only major downside is that the audio is pretty low-quality compared to the original, and I don't think the convenience trade-off is worth it in this case (at least you can easily use external headphones).

    The Index, which came in today, is awesome because the visuals are insanely crisp, fluid, and FOV-dominating, the headset is super comfy, and I'm weirdly FLOORED at how good the audio is. Knuckles are great, too, but I had already used those. If you have the cash and the space and the PC, this is the clear choice.

    It's nice that there's a really clear entry-level and enthusiast choice when it comes to PC VR now.
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  3. I think when I'm a little more settled and caught up on moving expenses, I might pick up an Index. Rift S doesn't seem like a big enough leap to be worth it for me.

    Tetris Effect hit PC yesterday, which was my first time getting to experience it in VR. It's not a game that really requires VR to get the effect, but you sure can get lost in it.

  4. I'd love to be good enough at Tetris to play Tetris Effect well, but I always get a little lost when the pieces start raining down fast. It's hard to get the actual effect of Tetris that way, even in VR.

  5. It just takes a little practice. Normal mode is not that difficult except for maybe the last level.

  6. Accidentally fired up Thumper instead. Still can't believe how much better that game is in VR than out, and I loved it in flat-screen mode.

  7. Thumper is one of those games that ends before it starts. The whole game feels like prelude. It's like playing only the first two sections of each of Rez's stages; there's an undelivered promise of ramping up.
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  8. Couldn't disagree more. The game is pure escalation from the moment it starts right up to the final confrontation. Sometimes I play level 9 just because I've no idea how I was able to beat the game and am entertained at how quickly it kills me.

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