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Thread: ChronDC - every Dreamcast game

  1. Dreamcast ChronDC - every Dreamcast game

    A friend and I are planning on doing a loosely Chrontendo-style thing and dabbling in every Dreamcast game in order of release. We'll be streaming it tomorrow at around 7PM EST, assuming things go smoothly. I'm excited!

    The current plan is to later edit these sessions into re-narrated highlights. Hopefully we'll get on some kind of schedule, too, lol.

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    Where did this chron-gaming term come from? I had never heard it until this week, and now I've seen it twice on TNL.

    I guess I was ahead of the curve in playing my Famicom games in order of release.

  3. I initially heard it from this dude:

  4. Sounds neat. Good luck, Tain.

  5. Good going Tain! Hard to say if I'll see your stream, but I'd definitely enjoy watching it on youtube.

  6. Update this thread when you are about to start it. I'll try to check it out.
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  7. I believe this one will happen unlike you-know-who's project

  8. Hopefully you do better than Mzo

  9. lol

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    f you all

    This sounds great, Tain! I'll definitely watch.
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