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Thread: Anyone have any slabbed games for sale?

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    I agree Shin but I doubt anyone will pay that.

    Haou you don't still want to sell the X men 32X beta?

  2. I said it once, I'll say it again. Videogames are meant to be enjoyed. This whole sealing them away forever in unopenable plastic cases is just fucking garbage.
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  3. I don't understand why (console) publishers are so adverse to keeping their catalog in circulation. I can understand licensing and shit making some games disappear forever, but how can they not see how Hollywood continually repackages the same movies and not think to themselves, "Hey! We should do that!" Even the few that do, do so half assed and then question why no one is jumping on their crap. Can you imaging if the UHD version of Avatar ran 20% slower than the original, or if the soundtrack wasn't synced? Yet these assclowns think that sort of thing is acceptable and then think "well, people musn't want this stuff since it's not selling."

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    Excellent point.


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