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Thread: Teach Me to 2007

  1. xbox, playstation, ouya, raspberry pi, etc. I have a nexus that does kodi as well.

  2. NAS, probably.

  3. Alright, I ripped my first two movies and decided on Plex for my media sharing app. What do I have to do so that my movie shows up as one thing? Makemkv broke Bourne Conspiracy into 34 parts. Now Plex has 34 icons for Bourne Conspiracy. What step did I skip?

  4. Oh lol. I guess it encoded each chapter as a separate file for some reason. Take that ass to the preferences panel, son!

  5. oye.

    Well, the extras are all special features stuff, which I dont give a fig about. I can just delete all of it.

    Installed Plex on my son's PS4. Bourne looks and sounds good!
    Thanks for the help guys. Next I may get into those mp3s.
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  6. No one is teaching you how to 2002... skip the mp3s and go straight to FLAC. Stick them in iTunes as Apple Lossless if that's what you use. Bump them to 256kpbs AAC if you're going to put them on your phone because when you're out in the world it doesn't matter.

    Use XLD to do this.

  7. (I was kidding about the mp3s)
    I know I'm way behind the times on the media server stuff though.

  8. You never know. People are weird.

  9. burnout takedown

  10. fuck. It's sitting right here. I'll mail tomorrow, scout's honor.
    Told you if I didnt do it roght away I'd forget.


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