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Thread: Teach Me to 2007

  1. (and it was revenge)

  2. I'll show you revenge.

  3. #23
    Serve it cold brah

  4. Hey Arjue!
    Since you seem the most familiar with makemkv, when I looked through the preferences it seemed the only thing I could do was increase the minimum time limit for a title, which I did- to 3600 seconds. But now it rips two files (all the special feature crap gets skipped over as planned since they rarely are an hour long), and they seem to be the same thing. What do? I've no problem with deleting one or the other, but I don't understand what it is I'm deleting.

  5. Does your router have NAS functions?
    The one my ISP gave me has a built in media server. I just connect a USB HDD to it and I can stream to pretty much anything on my network.

  6. So I tried out MakeMKV on the Blade Runner Final Cut Bluray. Outputted a weirdly shaped file. Can't find any cropping options.

    Are your files doing this? Is this some anamorphic whatever the fuck? MakeMKV + MP4tools still takes about 1/10th the time that Handbrake would.
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  7. ha! That was the fourth movie I ripped...but I haven't tried watching it yet. Will do tonight and report back. The package is on its way, btw.

    edit: real dumb and obvious question, what if anything does clicking the arrows at the bottom right (next to volume adjustment) do?

  8. That's VLC. It makes it go fullscreen.

  9. and full screen it's still cropped on the left/right? Maybe I'm not seeing what's weird.

  10. It's fine on the computer, but it sits in the middle of the TV for some reason. Either way the image is being stretched? I don't pretend to understand how video works.


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