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Thread: Teach Me to 2007

  1. assmcjreek

    My son got me a mycloud nas for my birhday. Unfortunately, after fucking with it for a while I discovered it isnt one of the myclouds that can run plex. After some grumbling and researching, it turns out that running plex on a nas is kinda shitty anyway because few of them have the muscle to transcode- amd transcoding is necessary to get the most out of Plex. So then I spent a couple of hours trying to figure out how to add the mycloud to Plex' list of folders. Probably easy for people that arent computer noobs. I finally stumbled across a post that detailed how to map a drive letter to the nas folder and point Plex to that.

    Now the only bummer part is ripping movies. In between messing with that stuff up top, I was also ripping my hd ddvds. It takes a half hour or more to rip a movie. It then takes another half hour to move the file from the pc to the mycloud. I tried making makemkv rip straight to the mycloud, but it took two hours for that. WTF.

    tl;dr - I have hundreds of movies. This is going to take FOREVER.

  2. Welcome to die. It's worth it though.

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    Why not buy authentic copies?

  4. He's making copies of his authentic copies, noob.


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