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Thread: Teach Me to 2007

  1. Teach Me to 2007

    I have a bunch of blurays that I'd like to rip. Using a Windows 10 PC, what's the best (free or reasonable) software to use to rip them, what's the best format to rip them to (I'm far more interested in maintaining quality that I am in trimming file size), what the hell is a container?
    My ultimate goal is to ditch my physical media and be able to access my digital library from anywhere with any device. I don't know where to begin.

  2. If your movie is a delicious cookie then a container is the jar you keep it in so the ants can't get to it. It's still a cookie, it's just in a fancy box. MKV is a container that can hold all different kinds of cookies, h264 encoded cookies are my favorite. Handbrake is killer, btw. Lots of options.

    Though you might consider downloading rips of movies you already own. It'll save some wear on your disk drive, and it'll probably take less time too.

  3. I know there are better (safer) ways to do so, but I got a cease and desist letter from my ISP a year or so back so my d/l days are over.
    I appreciate the help though! Looking into handbrake now.

  4. #4
    That actually happens? Weak.

  5. I got one like a decade ago. It stopped me for about six months.

  6. I've picked up a few over the years. I just stopped using public trackers from my home connection.

  7. I get infringement notices occasionally, but my isp doesn't care, and the laws here make it more or less meaningless.

  8. makeMKV is a fantastic program for ripping BDs and DVDs. It's free while it's in beta, you can grab a serial code from their forums.

  9. I installed makeMKV, and it seems fairly idiot proof. My next question concerns an external hard drive. Am I correct in assuming an NAS would best suite my desires? I'm guessing a regular external hdd hooked up to my tower would require my tower to be on all the time? Since I dont really use it that often (today was the first time I powered it on since Christmas) , I'd prefer a solution that used less electricity.

  10. Yeah, computer would have to be on all the time. What's your streaming solution? Something standalone, or xbox?


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