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Thread: Days Gone (PS4)

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    Days Gone (PS4)

  2. I was excited for this game until they demoed it.

  3. Gameplay demo featuring a longer route and more actions taken than shown in Sony's press conference:

    Interview with the developers that sheds more light on the game, definitely check it out if interested:

  4. Progression of my thoughts going through the trailers:

    This looks like some weird game about a middle aged dude finding himself after a calamity. If nothing else it could be an original thing for video games, so that's pretty cool.

    Oh, nevermind, it's another stupid zombie shooter.

    Well, at least the physics of a ton of zombies running together and scrambling over each other is cool.

    Why are they dying for no reason when the bullets aren't even hitting them? Does muzzle flash kill in this game?

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