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Thread: Death Stranding (PS4 / PC)

  1. Looks terrible.

  2. I'm so torn on this.

    I've liked every Metal Gear Solid. This game is getting great reviews. I don't have a lot of experience NOT enjoying a game by Hideo Kojima that is also reviewed well. It's never happened before.

    This game look so fucking odd though.

  3. Kotaku has a decent review (they loved it). I like the idea that it represents, but frankly, it sounds really boring in execution.

  4. All the reviews are basically describing it as a walking & balancing sim.

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  5. Guys, it's hiking not walking. Innovation 2019.

  6. I’m out. Between the goofy baby in a bottle and the flickering device, I just think the game looks to weird. I’d rather take a look at The Outer Worlds.

  7. Quote Originally Posted by gamevet View Post
    I’d rather take a look at The Outer Worlds.
    It's the best 20 hours of RPG I've experienced all year.

    It's condensed Fallout with tons of variablity to how you can approach every quest and it works really, really well.

  8. Outerworlds is great, it is Fallout without the fat.

  9. I just signed up with Game Pass on PC, so I can play Outerworlds.

  10. I've been playing for an hour and a half.

    This game has style for days. It looks and sounds incredible.

    I've also really "played" like five or ten minutes in that time and this story is, a lot. So far it's not confusing, its just a lot.


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