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Thread: Death Stranding (PS4 / PC)

  1. Happy Console Gamer has an intesting perspective on the game. His view has sort of piqued my interest.

  2. There is for sure a very real ambience and emotion to this game. It FEELS unique.

    I'm like 8 hours in now and the only thing I can say with confidence if you are either going to get compeltely sucked in or turn this off in an hour. Did you really, really like MGSV? Did you enjoy the open world and the freedom of either doing story missions or just fucking around on side missions to get more gear? Are you ok with a game that is basically MGSV in terms of overall style, but set in an even crazier world and with basically no combat? Are you down to be way, way more worried about running into enemies than you've maybe ever been in another game, because you have NO FUCKING IDEA where or what they even fucking are? Instead of upgrading mother base and it's different sections with materials, do you want to upgrade you relationships with different people via packages? Seriously, do you want a game that is MGSV mechanics, mission structure, resource collection, graphics, style, menus, music, story, cut scenes, but with magic ghosts or whatever. Do you want a game where you sneak to deliver things instead if killing people?

    If you answered yes, this game is fucking incredible. It's weird as all shit, but I'm so happy I jumped in. It's, now that I understand what it is, totally up my alley.

    Here's the best example I got. This game is to MGSV what Fallout 3 was to Oblivion. If you played the one, you know what you're getting into with the other.
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  3. Nice impression, I haven't played much of MGSV so I am still on the fence. I have a feeling this game will be $20 in a month so I will wait until then to pick it up.

  4. I feel like I shouldn’t be enjoying this nearly as much as I am, just because it’s the most different big-budget game since... hell, since big-budget games became a thing, probably.

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  5. I just got an PS4 instant message from some random player letting me know that he delivered my package. It made me happy.

    I completed someone else's bridge after lugging 80 kg on my back to finish it. It also made me happy.

    This game is about the CONNECTIONS, man.

    If you liked the random messages and co-op in Dark Souls, you'll dig this.
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  6. Opaque's impression is pretty spot on, nicely worded too. The game pulls a lot from MGSV but also feels pretty unique because of the setting and style, but the horror of not really understanding the enemy is something else and feels really cool. Do everything you can to not die, because dying has real and persistent repercussions that made me quickly reset the one time it happened.
    I personally love the fact you can fuck around with Standard Missions instead of advancing the story and just build up your relationships and levels of service. I did figure out after a long time that the same couple missions will repopulate though, so check to see if you have a "Previous best Rank" on the mission to see if you want to do it again or move onto something new. I also LOVE carrying too much stuff, I usually start a delivery with 80ish kg worth of shit and turn in the delivery carrying my max weight. The bonuses from said actions and bringing in pristine stuff are huge.
    And then there was a boss fight and I loved it and now there's a little more action in the game, and I've been thinking about it all day and I have to draw tonight but I just want to play this more. Probably about 15 hours in since Friday night. That's Dark Souls levels of investment for me.

  7. I've played about 15 hours (chapter 3) of this and I'm having a good time. It's a slow and deliberate game, but it's full of atmosphere and makes for great escapism. I think all the mundane parts help with the role-playing of it all, and I'm enjoying the schlepping a lot more than I expected. The initial interactions with the ghosts and raiders are nice and tense, I hope that keeps up now that I've played to a point where I think I know how to neutralize them.
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    Schlepping a tower of packages for 20 minutes creates an insane level of tension for when things start to go wrong.

    This game is unique and amazing. I am all in.

  9. I RedBox'd it, and now I want to buy it. It's really something, they made a real cool game here.
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  10. Ok spoilers or whatever everything's a spoiler, but why am I carrying a bomb through hostile territories with no back up. They got porters out here delivering pizzas but can only put one guy on bomb duty, come on. Or maybe wait to build some infrastructure before you transport this stuff.

    I love playing this dumb game.
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