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Thread: Death Stranding (PS4 / PC)

  1. I'm 45 hours in. The reward cycle for building infrastructure and how much easier it makes it to build more infrastructure and do deliveries, is addicting. The visuals and audio are engrossing. I also totally understand why some people do not enjoy this game at all. It's a paradox.

    I simultaneously love this game and cannot recommend it.

  2. I just finished episode 4 and it's really starting to take off now. Been spending a lot of time trying to build roads and do Standard missions, I love building up my porter level and seeing the new things that unlocks. I've taken to recording any cool cutscenes that happen to show my wife, who has become less than enthusiastic about watching the game now, as to her it looks like "you're either climbing a mountain or getting out of the shower every time I look up". "Oh my god you're in that room again? What is this game?" I can definitely see how it's not a fun game to watch, but it's surely fun as hell to play.

  3. I finished the story tonight. This is my first Kojima game so maybe everyone else knows this, but I was not too impressed. I think the setup for the game is super strong, and the gameplay is actually really rewarding, but I couldnít care less for this story. I could get down with the Higgs stuff but I really was over everything else. Itís like he took everything I thought could have some significant meaning and technobabbled over it all.
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  4. Sounds like every other Kojima game ever made in that respect. I really think the guy would benefit from just writing the outline and then passing it on to a more talented scriptwriter.

  5. His story should be edited down to 120 minutes. Most of his cut scenes are overly long for no purpose other than to indulge himself.

  6. This is why Metal Gear Rising is the best Metal Gear.

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  7. I put like 75 hours into this game.

    I have no intent if grinding out max stars with every contact, but I'm pretty close tot he max porter title so I'll probably do a few more truck deliveries to get there. I can totally see how some people have put 200 hours into this if they really want to make the shit, fully maxed out, everywhere. I have all the roads done and zip lines everywhere but theres a lot more that's possible if I was addicted and wanted to.

    Story is arguably the least complicated and easy to follow story he's ever written, but the 3 hours of cutscene to start and end was a bit much. Should have spread the exposition around a bit more.

  8. I thought I would hate this game, so I didn't want to buy it at release. I picked it up a couple of weeks ago for dirt cheap, and I couldn't put it down. This game is really addicting for some really odd reason.

    This game is a contradiction. The game is beautiful, but the "action" (such as combat/boss fights/stealth) are clunky and mostly poor.

    You feel like working with other online players to build a better world, yet you are alone almost 100% of the time.

    All you do is delivering packages, yet it feels like you are accomplishing so much.

    I can't put down this game, yet I won't recommend this to anyone.

  9. Yeah, the concept seems really strange to me. It definitely fits the whole walking simulator game tag.

  10. It redefines the walking simulator genre. Unlike traditional walking sim (where you mostly can't die and more of an interactive movie), this is a full fledged game.


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