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Thread: something like windows photo viewer

  1. something like windows photo viewer

    OK. So I often work in photoshop when I do my storyboards. As I work, I save each panel as a jpeg and a psd. The jpegs are so I can easily flip through the board as I work and get a feel for the timing and flow of the thing.

    "Windows Photo viewer" as it existed in windows xp and I believe 7 and 8 is perfect for this.

    Now in Windows 10, they've replaced that with this thing called "Photos." The problem with that is that there is a huge delay every time you press the arrow key or whatever to advance to the next image. It's inherent to the app as far as I can tell, tested on a couple of different computers. It makes it nearly useless to me, as I need to be able to flip through the images as fast as possible like I would in the pitch.

    Anyone know a free program for Windows 10 that can serve this purpose? The only thing it needs to be is fast when advancing to the next image in a folder. I also need to be able to make it the default image viewer like "Photos" is now.

    On my gaming pc at home that I upgraded to Win 10, I still have the og photo viewer, it's grandfathered in or something. However on my pc I work on (a fresh win 10 install) I'm stuck with the new Photos app. I followed some tuts to get the og program back as the default, but it didn't work and just screwed things up so neither worked.

  2. Windows 10 has Windows Photo Viewer.
    You just need to make it the default program for images.

  3. I tried, it didn't work. As I said I do have it working on the pc that I upgraded from xp, but not the fresh install.

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  5. There really needs to be a program for board artists and poor people who don't want to draw with vectors.

  6. Quote Originally Posted by cigsthecat View Post
    I tried, it didn't work. As I said I do have it working on the pc that I upgraded from xp, but not the fresh install.
    I'm running a fresh install of Windows 10 Pro and it works fine. Does the program crash, or is it just not there?

  7. Of course now that I made the thread I fix it. Anyway- you can read this article to see what I was talking about with the upgrade vs fresh install:

    Whatever I did before screwed things up somehow where it was trying to load the dll for WPV instead of the program. I just reinstalled Photos, then used the reg edit from that article and it's all set. Whatever.

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