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Thread: What Are You Playing? (Summer, 2016)

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    What Are You Playing? (Summer, 2016)

    Don't miss the Strawberry Moon tonight!

    Hitman (PC) - I've done the first three ( four if you count the tutorial) locales and the first four Elusive Targets, though I am still working through Challenges. There are two modes I haven't touched, and the game isn't complete yet, but I still feel Ii've more than gotten my $35 worth.

    Progear no Arashi (CPS2) - I'm making steady progress in this and having the board set to no continues helps fight any urge to credit feed to see what's next. I haven't settled on a character pair yet, which probably has slowed me down a little bit. Does anyone have an opinion on which are "best"?

    Zelda II: The Adventure of Link (NES via 3DS Ambassdor Program) - I'm through two dungeons in this and thankfully have not ruined my fond memories from circa 1988. Interestingly enough, my childhood copy was an open box discount. I wonder if it was returned for its difficulty. My recent enjoyment of Akumajō Dracula II and this make me wonder if I should try similar games like Faxanadu.

    I have various other stuff unfinished, but I suspect that won't change. Games either grab me and make me want to keep coming back or don't these days. I can't bring myself to force my way through anymore.

    I am hoping a bunch of the VR games are on sale this week, as those are what excite me most these days.

  2. I just started playing Gone Home. It's one of the free PSN+ games available this month on PS4.
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  3. Working through Dragon's Dogma Dark Arisen and Geometry Wars Retro Evolved again.

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    I bought Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition, mostly for the DLC I never played, but I started playing the main game again. I was disappointed a few years ago that they made TR into a mindless action game. This time, I have been enjoying more for what it is (and skipping all the cut-scenes I can).

    And I just started Fallout 4 on survival.

  5. What Are You Playing? (Summer, 2016)

    I've been in the mood for a Metroid style game lately. I tried Shantae but didn't like how numbers fly off the enemies. I almost got Shadow Complex Remastered but I already played that (it's great).

    So now I'm playing Axiom Verge. It's pretty good. I wish they went for a more 16-bit look though.
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  6. Wrapping up UC4 and playing a bunch of 2 player EDF 4.1 PS4

  7. Quote Originally Posted by Diff-chan View Post
    . I tried Shantae but didn't like how numbers fly off the enemies.
    Yeah, this is lewd. Those maths are the code's naughty bits. They should be kept hidden under the screen and not out there in front of God and everyone else.

    I've been playing the one that came with the Humble Bundle. It's a nice game.

    Also been inching through DQV at bedtime.

  8. Still working on The Dogma of Dragon: Very Dark Edition. Lots of backtracking in this game but I kinda dig it since I run into random giant monsters (that you can climb onto and hack away at).

    Also Pokemon Picross!?! I got that when I accidentally got Retro City Rampage, which is not that dope. Wish I had Fightman Fore instead.

  9. Still Overwatch. Almost exclusively. All this free time is very good for my leveling and skill.
    Boo, Hiss.

  10. Played some GG Xrd SIGN after watching clips from recent tournaments and my Guilty Gear team in Crusaders Quest got me in the mood. I think I've maybe just drifted off completely from 1v1 fighting games into team-based stuff, as this game is amazing but doesn't seem hold my attention for long. Still, Elphelt is a lot different than I originally thought she was, I hadn't realized before how she works with the reloading and juggling. I'm going to try and put some time into it to see if I should pick up Revelator.

    Also back into Black Desert since they buffed experience rates to where grinding for combat levels was no longer tedious. I think they actually may have gone slightly overboard there, but I'm certainly enjoying it for rushing to the soft cap.
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    I accidentally got Retro City Rampage
    My condolences.


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