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Thread: Shinobi's Arcade Cabinet Pasta

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    Arrow Shinobi's Arcade Cabinet Pasta

    Chapter 1

    Shinobi by Sega when it came out in the Arcades was groundbreaking on many levels. Not only could you do an automatic short attack, but throw shurkiens, you had a Ninja magic attack. It almost came down to some memorizing the level layouts and enemy patterns. We had a local cabinet at the corner store, that sold candy and rented movies out. The Machine had everyone in awe. It wasn't this machine where I had seen anyone beat it. The other machine was at a 7-11 and I remincse fondly of feeding it many quarters.

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    so do you guys sit around on gchat, get high, and giggle about posting this stuff?

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    you know, like 6 year olds giggling about scaring the cat?

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    Fe I am the only person, I don't giggle but nobody wants to call me or get to know the real me. I love cats and I don't scare them.

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    why do you do this guys?

  6. There is only one person posting as Korian. I'm serious.

    P.S. did you get a different phone number? I'm trying to give you this tube radio I found.

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    that doesn't mean y'all ain't gchating

  8. fuck gchat, we omegle.

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    I'm not even kidding, if I figure out which one of you is doing it, I'm going to fly to your house and break all your devices with net connectivity and rip the 120 lines out of the walls.

  10. I don't gchat with anyone except Ramon, and we never talk about TNL or Korian.

    If Korian is a groupthink project I'm not a part of it. Now do you want this free radio or not?


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