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Thread: Games that break the Fourth Wall

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    Yield Games that break the Fourth Wall

    What are your personal favorites.

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    red faction guerilla breaks all the walls.

  3. You mean Red Faction Gorilla.

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    All micro transaction games

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    Alex Kidd in High Tech World is really a horrible game as it's mostly sprite rips from a Japanese Mark 3 but it breaks the Fourth wall.

    SSJN what part of this thread do you not understand?

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    Your ability to create it.

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    SSJN Are you MENSA like Nick? I thought this would be a great thread for the high IQ and highly educated members.

  8. Quote Originally Posted by Joust Williams View Post
    You mean Red Faction Gorilla.
    Not the same meaning as guerilla.

    Speaking of 4th wall. MS tried their best to convince the audience at an E3, that a boy was interacting with the woman using a connect. That never turned into a real use for the device.
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