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  1. Pokemon Sun and Moon

    I guess all the previous discussion of this happened in the E3 thread? New pokeymans in the tropical paradise of Fake Hawaii, yada yada, if somebody else wants to dig up a trailer and bullet-pointed features list they can have at it. :P Anyways, for any of you weirdos who buy both versions of each game (or sane people who have somebody to split it with), Amazon is taking preorders for a two-pack in an exclusive steelbook case, which *I think* is the first for 3DS. You know how scaplers gobble up any kind of limited edition these days, so if you're interested I'd act fast.

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  2. First in US. Europe got steelbooks for the last games.

  3. JP/AU/NA release date: November 18th, 2016
    EU release date: November 23rd, 2016

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  4. Sources: Nintendo Switch to get Pokémon Sun and Moon version

    Exactly what I was hoping and waiting for.

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    I'm good with the regular versions. I got Sun and the gf has Moon. It's pretty good so far, looks nice.

    I'm using Litten.

  6. This is the test for Switch IMO. The N's portable standing isn't nearly as marred as console rep. They could push a ton of systems to the weirdos who only purchase hardware when a new Pokémon drops.

  7. Started mine yesterday and got Popplio, the dumbest and most wonderful Pokemon.

    They really streamlined the shit out of this game. I love it. I may even finish this one!


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