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Thread: If You want to fit in at TNL follow these 10 steps

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    If You want to fit in at TNL follow these 10 steps

    1. Be An Adult Nerd

    2. Know how to Spell

    3. Be or sound Educated on Current Topics

    4. Abuse the Reputation System

    5. Scare away noobs

    6. Only Download Digital Games and Music

    7. Pretend to be a Woman

    8. Pay to put people on Total Ignore

    9. Know what Sonic Boom is

    10. Be Edgy

    If you follow these simple steps you will be just fine

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    But I'm only doing half of those D:

  3. You're fucked.

  4. Geeze I wonder who #6 is referring to.
    6-6-98 - 6-6-18 Happy 20th Anniversary TNL

  5. Obama

  6. how does one download non-digital versions

  7. 3D printer, noob.

  8. 4/10
    I fail.

  9. stfu noob

  10. Holy shit Master. Real Master or someone else logged in as him.
    Where I play
    Quote Originally Posted by Dolemite
    I've changed my mind about Korian. Anyone that can piss off so many people so easily is awesome. You people are suckers, playing right into his evil yellow hands.


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