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Thread: TNL Fantasy Football 2016

  1. TNL Fantasy Football 2016

    Has anyone stepped up to fill in as Commish in our keeper league? I have to abstain because I can't say for certain that I can make the commitment this Fall.

    But I do really want to play FF this year, even if it's a new league I'll set up for fun. Here's what I'm aiming for:

    1. 1/2-point PPR standard scoring

    Improves the balance of scoring, and is easier for all members to prepare for.

    2. Roster:

    BN x 5 or 6

    Our keeper league is a bit screwed up with how we basically eliminate the TE position, when the opposite is true in the actual league - so much so that the Steelers signed free agent Ladarius Green to a lucrative contract, when they rarely if ever dip their toes in those waters. And by that same token, dedicated RB spots because they are still important and teams are investing considerably (Gurley last year, Elliott this year, contracts, etc.) in that position as well. The Flex spot helps us not penalize someone for drafting/acquiring great talent, like Yoshi last year taking Lamar Miller at the top of the 4th round despite owning Adrian Peterson and Eddie Lacy. Or having Jordan Reed emerge as an elite scoring TE, even if you have a quality TE.

    Of course I'd love to have my keepers from our keeper league, and the keeper league structure as well as the cash pool prizes hopefully made owners even more invested for the entire season and beyond that. But I'm excited to play FF no matter what and TNL is one of the few places I can competitively do that in organized fashion, without resorting to joining a random ESPN league or something.

    Anyone interested chime in quick, we've got about a month to sort this out.
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  2. QB scoring still needs corrected as well since they're still vastly overweighted.
    You sir, are a hideous hermaphroditical character which has neither the force and firmness of a man, nor the gentleness and sensibility of a woman.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by bbobb View Post
    QB scoring still needs corrected as well since they're still vastly overweighted.
    See my note about standard scoring. Matt Ryan had a bad season last year, he shouldn't be the 14th-highest scoring QB because we're scoring dink-and-dunk completions for nothing. Better to move on from that, I think.

    0.5-PPR should hit the sweet spot as well.
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  4. I know I'm new, but I was really excited to join a keeper league and I'd like to keep the teams we had and just tinker with rules. I agree QBs are way over valued, but a 4 point passing TD change and no poitns related to completions or incompletions would pretty much fix it and TEs should be a mandatory position to fill. Other than that the rest of the league set up and scoring seems fine by my account.

    I would be happy to act as commissioner if it means saving the league. I'm positive I can handle facilitating what needs to be done and I won't cheat too much.

  5. That's awesome, Opaque. Thank you for volunteering, it would be fantastic to see our keeper league reach its 10th season. Please contact Yoshi about taking over the Commish duties.

    The 4-point QB TD always struck me as strange if not nonsensical. The whole point on offense is to score TDs, the QB included, so why would a passing TD count less than a TD from any other position (special teams included) other than the exclusive purpose of devaluing the QB position in fantasy football? A Ryan Tannehill rushing TD is worth more than an Aaron Rodgers passing TD? Maybe numbers show that it does help the balance in some way, I'd like to see them if so.

    Either way, like any other scoring framework/change in our league, I'll deal with it. Let's just play.

  6. Yeah, just taking away the completion and incompletion points should largely fix QBs, I see no need to reduce passing TD points.
    You sir, are a hideous hermaphroditical character which has neither the force and firmness of a man, nor the gentleness and sensibility of a woman.

  7. I'm not super invested in either 6 or 4 points for QB passing but I always thought that a 4 point passing and 6 point rushing TD is more in line with the way we score QB yardage, where we value the yardage they get on foot at full value but the yardage they get from passes to a lesser extent. I think it over values the QB when they get the same amount of points as the receiver who had to create space, get to the ball, make the catch, break tackles ect. I think 4 points is more in line with their percentage of the contribution to passing touch downs on average. Sometimes it's the QB finding the sweet spot, but more often its the receiver making a big play the gets the TD. I don't know, just my two cents.

    I am serious about acting as commissioner but I'm not going to reach out to Yoshi without everyone saying they're fine with it. I'm willing to do the work, but this TNL league existed long before I joined it and I think it should be up to you guys who takes that role.

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    I'm back for year 10, sluts. get rid of the stupid completion/incompletions!

  9. I joined a random ESPN league this week, I almost feel sorry for those poor saps.

    Of course the name of my team is Practice Squad.

    Is Hot Like Wasabi still in our keeper league? I'm willing to pay a king's ransom for Odell Beckham, let's talk.

  10. I'm still in and I have some solid keepers I'd be willing to trade, but didn't we lose half the league? What's the count on active teams right now?


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