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Thread: NEEO smart automation system.

  1. NEEO smart automation system.

    Kickstarter campaign.

    Some dude gushing over NEEO.

    I love the idea behind this company's two products, especially the Brain and the concept of making "recipes" in order to render the process of automating things down to a single push of a button. The physical design of both the Remote and Brain is pretty spiffy as well and, assuming they end up working as advertised, the folks over at NEEO could have a big hit on their hands. Apparently the development process has been bumpy though, because there seem to be a lot of early backers out there with leaky vaginas ( My patience would probably be wearing thin at this point as well, but if I were in their shoes I'd also rather that NEEO took their time with my investment and didn't release a half-baked product.

    As far as I know NEEO's closest competition is from Savant (, but their Remote + Host's MSRP is $500 and its compatibility is limited. Anyway, I've been eyeing NEEO's blog for months. After emailing them recently to get a couple of older pieces of equipment supported (which they did within a couple of days) I decided to pull the trigger and put in a pre-order for both the Brain and Remote. I'll post here about how things work out if and when I get them in my hands.
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  2. Programming your own OS to work with a bunch of different smart home platforms seems like a recipe for disaster.

  3. Definitely ambitious, but it sounds like they managed to do it. It also sounds like they burned through a few bottles of Excedrin in the process.
    ...because without the bitter, baby, the sweet ain't as sweet.


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