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Thread: PS3 160 or 320 slim model (not super slim)

  1. PS3 160 or 320 slim model (not super slim)

    I might have to put the OG to pasture. Anyone have one in good condition that they don't want? If so, name a price.

  2. go here :

    copy/paste this: 207-23-0040
    put your zipcode in.
    Target has 50% off all PS3's on cartwheel. Most of them only have superslim models, but some people are having luck finding the original slim (which is what that string of numbers looks for) You'd be paying $125 after the discount, but I think it's a fair price for new.

  3. not me, this area is notorious for nothing being left

  4. I have an extra - let me see what model it is.


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