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Thread: Shiren the Wanderer 5 (DS, PSV)

  1. Shiren the Wanderer 5 (DS, PSV)

    This got localized on Vita, came out like last week. Anyone playing it?

    I didn't play much of the prior two localized games but this is really good so far. It does such a great job of adapting the complexity of the big name roguelike classics (at least, from my scrub perspective) to something aesthetically appealing and surprisingly controller-friendly. PSTV support, too!

    I just learned that tripping can make you break pots oh shit.
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  2. Just started it the other day. Still need to get the 3rd dice. But I'm having a blast with it so far. This is my first proper Shiren game, the DS one is still sealed on my shelf.

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    Purchased, who knows when I get to it.
    I'd normally wait, but I feel like anyone releasing physical vita games (that aren't 100% about messing with little girls) deserves some day one support.


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