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Thread: Metal Gear Survive

  1. Chicken Metal Gear Survive

    because someone at konami figures the bridges they've napalmed might still be crossable, and thought the best course of action was brand fusion with silent hill

    my bet on the # of people they locked up in the sub-basement to work on this is 8

  2. Goddamit I wanted to make this thread with the first-post trailer it deserves. Everybody watch this one, not that one.

    Quote Originally Posted by Gohron View Post
    I like doing stuff with animals and kids

  3. lol. Bye Metal Gear.

    BTW, looks very exciting, shooting zombies from behind the safety of that fence. I hope the entire game is like that!

  4. Here's the thing, I really enjoyed the gameplay of MGSVPP, if it were you and three bros roaming an alt world that'd be fine.

    Walking Gear or Metal Gear Dead can suck a dick.

  5. Couldn't go out on top eh Konami?

  6. Well, they spammed us with shitty Silent Hill sequels after Team Silent was no longer involved...this was to be expected.

  7. #7
    Or the obvious Igarashi example...

  8. Konami still making games? Why?

  9. Might be good, I'll keep an open mind.


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