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Thread: Steep (PC, ONE, PS4)

  1. Steep (PC, ONE, PS4)

    I think we just had a mention of this in the 2016 E3 thread. We don't get many of these games anymore and it's looking great so I'm making a thread for it. Due this December.

  2. That looks really nice! Hopefully it's more about racing and less about tricks.
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  3. Is this the one where the girl filming a commercial for it died?
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  4. Yes.

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    It looks like a cool concept but the animation isn't as fluid as I would hope.
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  6. I don't give a shit if the animation isn't perfect as long as it plays amazing. These games usually fail at that.

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  8. Good idea making this DLC, looks good.

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    So far the DLC was a little lackluster, but this looks better. I'm ready!

  10. Rocket wingsuit is awesome, but there don't seem to be events tied to it. Maybe I'm missing them somewhere but the other two modes (base jumping and glide skiing) don't seem to have events either. Base jumping is kind of like wingsuit without the wingsuit, but the glide skiing (not what it's called) is a nice addition.


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