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Thread: REZ Infinite (PS4, PC)

  1. I started thinking about sales figures, which I haven't paid attention to for any game for at least a good five years now. How many copies would this port have to sell to be considered a success?

    I ran through stage one score attack -- it was a poor run to be honest, and it still put me at #6 globally. I thought I must have had it filtered or something, but I double checked and scrolled all the way down, and there were only ~500 entries total (and < 100 for the VR boards). I checked my score for stage 5 and that was at #7 (I hadn't even been trying to score). That board had ~120 entries total.

    It makes sense that most people that really wanted this game already have it on the PS4, and probably half of the people who want it on Steam will wait for a sale or something. But still, I was surprised at how few entries there were by now, and it started me on this train of thought.

    Steamspy lists about 14,000 owners, which is more than I would have figured for how few people have played a round of score attack. At $20 a pop, after Steam fees, that's maybe $185,000? I think Steam takes a third?

    I'm sure they'll sell a ton more copies for $5 down the road, but do you guys think this is meeting their sales expectations?
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  2. Trying to 100% stage 5 is tough. I get the enemies shot down to 100% but still miss about 8% of support items.

  3. Level 4 is giving me grief with the support items. Does it count those in the side-passages in the boss fight?

  4. Quote Originally Posted by James View Post
    Level 4 is giving me grief with the support items. Does it count those in the side-passages in the boss fight?
    Yes, I have to get those to get 100%. Focus on those shiny rectangles instead of the boss.

  5. this game is single-handedly justifying my roommate's PSVR. RE7 is crazy too, but damn, this feels a bit more like what miz had in mind.

  6. #86
    I can't remember if I got 100% shot down and items in Area 5 on the 360 or if I just played long enough while getting the other achievements.

    Need to go back and check.

    But yes, this game is amazing in VR.

  7. that's a compelling argument you've made there, metro

    i just don't see what it has to do with trance vibrators

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