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Thread: 2016 NCAA Football Season

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    2016 NCAA Football Season

    I wish Hazell were the coach at Purdue when I was there, as I could have walked on to his shit show. Of course, he wouldn't have had the sense to recruit Brees or the system to attract him. With any luck the new AD will fire his ass and pay for a real coach next season. Hazell makes me wish you could get the #1 pick by sucking in college.

  2. In Lambeau to watch LSU likely crush my Badgers.
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  3. Damn Washington looks good.

  4. Is Houston going to make the CFP?

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    edit: Mike Alstott highlights!

  6. If they beat Louisville, who might tear through most of their schedule, they might.

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    There should be no path for an AAC team to ever be in there, and I hope the committee agrees. Let them play Notre Dame in the Join a Real Conference Bowl.

  8. Oklahoma is ranked #3?


  9. Yeah but if you're Michigan or Ohio State, you're going to have two tough games and then a bunch of garbage too.

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    As soon as you have to say "or" your argument is gone.


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