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Thread: Yakuza 6 (PS4)

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    Yakuza 6 (PS4)

    Tain brought the fact that this game will contain Virtua Fighter 5: Final Shodown to my attention on Twitter, which made me look for a thread. I couldn't find one, so here we are. This video analyzes the demo included with the recently released (in Japan) remake:

  2. There are SIX of these???
    Boo, Hiss.

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    At least eight actually, excluding remakes. There's a zero and a historical gaiden.

    edit: I forgot about Dead Souls and the PSP games. There's a bunch.

  4. Is it all a continuation of a story? That'd be damn impressive if so.
    Boo, Hiss.

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    The main series more or less is, though they stand alone well too.

  6. My first game in the series was part 4, which was free on PS+ last year. I just finished a few months ago and thank god Yakuza 5 was free on PS+ last month. It'll take me a year to beat that one as well. I'll need to clear some space of my PS3 HD first.

    I loved this series before I even played it because I always thought of it as the continuation of Shenmue and Streets of Rage. Yakuza 4 lived up to those expectations for me.

    The mainline games are all connected so part 4's story was a lot to take in because of all the history of the relations of gangs and characters. They do a good job catching you up with the story scenes, and they even included videos of cutscenes of all previous games, but it's still a lot to take in.

    I found Yakuza 4's story to be more entertaining than I thought it would be. The 4 perspectives of the story was pretty interesting and by the end I wanted to see how it ended more than I just wanted to scramble to get it over with. There's so much shit in the world though, I didn't bother with any side stuff because I'd never finish the game.

    I don't want to get hyped up for VF5 being in Yakuza 6 until it's official from Sega. I somehow feel like it's too good to be true and someone misquoted a Sega representative. ...Is it legit?

  7. I have put significant time in 1 and Dead Souls. DS is just a wacky game, it is a lot of fun.

  8. Dead Souls still has people shopping during a zombie apocalypse. It's not wacky. It's true to life.

  9. I loved Yakuza 1, and found Yakuza 3 to be a very strange but still interesting game. Did not play 4 or 5. I'm probably on board for 6.

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