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Thread: Battle Garegga rev 2016 (PS4)

  1. Battle Garegga rev 2016 (PS4)

    M2 is working on a new revision of 8ing & Raizing's Battle Garegga.
    Source: Famitsu

    Coming to PS4, it is part of their M2 Shot Trigger series which also will include Dangun Feveron.
    Hopefully it comes out here and offers an alternative to paying the crazy eBay prices of the Saturn version ($250+) or the PCB ($1000... you could get a handful of Neo MVS carts for that.)

    If there's no release outside of Japan, hopefully it will also come on disc.

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  2. That's cool. Let's hope Armed Police Batrider becomes one of these shot trigger things.

  3. Click for full size

    Check out the real-time info in the right panel.
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    I am so hyped, and that UI looks like everything one could possibly want.

  5. M2 does it again.

  6. More reason to get a PS4.

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    The PS4 is shaping up to be a nice system for random arcade games. There are several that have been quietly released on PSN and the ones I've played have been pretty basic but good. The pricing kinda sucks, but I have put more than enough time into Double Dragon to make it worth it.

    It looks like Garegga blows those basic ports away though.

  8. This looks so great. Hope I can get it physically.

  9. Speak of the devil:

    It sounds like there will be a physical release too, according to Famitsu:

    "限定版パッケージ『バトルガレッガ Rev.2016 Premium Edition』(サントラCD、限定ブックレット、クリアファイル5種類同梱)は発売日未定、価格未定"

    Titled "Battle Garegga Rev.2016 Premium Edition", includes a soundtrack CD, a booklet and some clear files. No release date yet.

  10. JPN only, I assume.


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