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Thread: Sega acquires TechnoSoft's IPs.

  1. Sega acquires TechnoSoft's IPs.

    Sega has announced that they now own all TechnoSoft's IPs.

    Hopefully there might be a Thunder Force VII on the PS4, or even TF IV getting a HD remake like Dracue's glorious treatment of Assault Suit Leynos.

    TBQH, TF VI is a bit too lean in the challenge department. TF7 needs to fix that. A good thing about TF4 is the considerable jump between difficulty levels- Normal is about average, Hard delivers the challenge it promises, and Maniac kicks your ass. That's something TF VI fails to capture.

    A good move would be to farm out the development to G.Rev (I'd say M2 but they sure seem kinda busy at the moment). Just imagine the TLC that went into Border Down, only given current gen power. I don't care who does BGM as long as it's either Hyakutaro Tsukumo, or TF VI's BGM team (Tamayo Kawamoto & Akira Sato FTW). That mothership BGM from TF6 does sound a bit more Pulstar than TF, but it's just fine IMO.

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  2. Get M2 to do TFIV and Herog Zwei 3DS. And if they opt to do another mainline Thunder Force please be better than VI.

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    I'm ok with this

    I hope someone is allowed to make good updates to each franchise

  4. I'm seriously happy to see these IPs being talked about.
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  5. This is AWESOME news! Getting Thunder Force 4 remake or a 3DS conversion would be a dream come true!

  6. They are going to make some Thunderforce pachinko.

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    Pachinko jokes only apply to Konami's games.

    I'd personally be more interested in playing Thunderforce Pachinko than Thunderforce 3DS.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dog$ View Post

    I'd personally be more interested in playing Thunderforce Pachinko than Thunderforce 3DS.
    Ban pls.
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  9. Oh neat. I heard about TF3 3DS (M2) but didn't realize Sega owned the franchise now.

  10. I'd be more excited if this happened before 2005, you know, when Sega was worth a damn.


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