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Thread: Sports App

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    Sports App

    Do they make an App or website that I can quickly read to be up to date on sports teams I don't care about?

    I know, that reads like a troll post, but hear me out

    Having moved from my home state, I have more than handful of coworkers that want to talk about sports and teams I don't give a shit about

    Is there anything out there that will email me an executive summary of their favorite teams so I can participate in these conversations at work?

  2. Any sports app will do that, ESPN, Bleacher Report team stream, Yahoo Sports, etc.

  3. you can't be serious

  4. If there isn't you should make exactly that. I can't even imagine what working in an office like that would be like.

  5. Just nod and fake it.

  6. Where do you live now anyway

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    I'll bet something like this exists only it'll be appropriately marketed to women.

  8. Bing's "what's new"

  9. Might be called "what's popular" actually, but it has a sports section.

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    Yeah, but do they make anything where I could subscribe to teams and shows and it send me a 10 point list after each game or tv show?

    Like, when the next Lost comes out, or the super bowl, or whatever, it will send me the key points without having to dig through website made for people that do care?


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