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Thread: This Month's Haul: October 2016

  1. Puyo This Month's Haul: October 2016

    New month, more stuff you'll never use!

    I got some more D&D stuff:

    I also bought some miniatures for my campaigns, assorted monsters and one for each of my three characters.
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    Cooked some meats on it.

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  3. Nice! I love the cooper color kettles.
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  4. Went to TRU and got the last Intellivision Flashback they had for $10 on clearance!

  5. Bought a used PSP and Vita (OLED) for cheap, and picked up Persona 2, TxK, EDF2, and Persona 4 Golden. I didn't like TxK at all, which was kinda disappointing, but hooked on EDF2 and put in over 10 hours already.

  6. TxK is about the only reason to own a Vita, lol.

  7. Something is off with TxK, I can't pinpoint exactly what.

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    Two more antique tank books.

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    Two more antique tank books.
    6-6-98 - 6-6-18 Happy 20th Anniversary TNL

  10. Just preordered Gears 4 ultimate sucker edition.
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